The girls, that would be Amanda and Milly, went out for a bit today.  I think they really only went to Blue Moon, where Amanda was scoping stuff out with the idea of possibly getting back into making jewelry.  After they got back they spent most of the day upstairs where Amanda played with her jewelry-making supplies.

Milly was happy today, and she was a lot of fun.  One time when I took a break to check in on them upstairs, Amanda was playing with Milly.  She was very smiley and talkative.  She’s just so freakin’ precious, especially when she’s feeling sociable.

Amy came over this evening after Amanda and I got to spend some time together while Milly napped.  She brought some leftover taco supplies with her, which we helped her get rid of for dinner.  We  played 90’s Trivial Pursuit until Nick got here.  Amanda said whoever was in the lead when Nick got here would be the winner.  I had three pies to her two and Amy’s… one or none, I can’t remember.  Amanda got a third pie by continuing to play after Nick got here, but she admitted that, by her own rules, I had won.

We played Yahtzee after that.  Nick won again, though Amanda was in contention.  She got a crapload of Yahtzees after having never gotten any before in her life (having only played once before, just a few days ago).  Amy was in third and I did, well, not good at all.

Amanda pointed out later that I had shut Cobb in the nursery.  He tends to sneak in there because he liked to lie on the rug, and sometimes, since the light is dim and I’m trying to get out quietly after putting Milly down, he’ll be shut up in there.  Amanda said he’d been scratching on the door.  I haven’t checked yet to see if there are a bunch of scratch marks or anything.

Zach Dotsey