Last night was a rough night for Amanda, as her looming return to work is starting to sink in more and more.  It’s not that she doesn’t like her work- she does, and she likes the people she works with.  She is just really going to miss having so much time with Milly.  In fact, she’ll only get about two hours a day on the weekdays with Milly once she goes back.  Anyway, she didn’t sleep well, so I took care of Milly this morning.

I had a meeting this morning with a client, well, an existing client and the company he works for, which technically made it a meeting with a new business.  It was the second such meeting, and I feel pretty confident that they’ll go with some of the services we are recommending for them.  In the afternoon I had another meeting with an existing client who had been having some trouble with some systems, so I stopped by to try to help her out.  While there I saw some nice Duke coasters and picked them up for the football and basketball seasons.  She asked if I was a Dukie and I told her I was, big time.  She said she’s a Carolina fan.

I spent a little time doing some social networking for work in the form of following a lot of businesses and such via Twitter.  It’s crazy how many follows we picked up just by adding a number of other people.  A lot of them weren’t even reciprocal follows.  Anyway, I’m hoping that at some point it will lead to some business leads.

Milly was fussy pretty much all day and Harvey did the most disgusting thing.  Here’s what I put on Twitter (my own Twitter account, not the work one) and, by extension, Facebook:

We left the room for a sec and came back to find Milly’s poo diaper almost clean and Harv licking his chops. GROSS, HARVEY! I gagged a bit.

Pretty nasty.

Nick and Amy came over for salad and pasta for dinner.  After they left, which wasn’t too late, Amanda and I just watched a bit of TV.  30 Rock has some of the best throw away lines ever.