The first time Milly ever loosed a bodily function on anyone was the night (or morning, technically) she was born when she spit up on her Paw Paw.  After that it was a couple weeks before she did anything like that again, but she seems to be trying to make up for it lately.

Last night while I was changing her she peed on me.  Fortunately she’d waited  until I’d put the diaper I was going to change her into under her, although it never got the chance to get fastened on her.

Then today she was kissing my nose (okay, sucking on it, but Amanda and I call it kissing) and spit up a little bit of curdled formula while doing that.  The smell of spoiled milk was kind of strong in my nostrils for a little while.

Finally, while we were having daddy tummy time, in which she’d lying face down on me, she spit up a bit more.  I wasn’t wearing a shirt at the time, which at least made it easier to clean up.

Milly was fussy today, and as you should already know, Amanda wasn’t feeling well, so Milly was all mine after I finished working today.  Amanda actually ended up going to bed before Milly even had her 7:30 feeding, though she was still awake by the time I got Milly to sleep at 8:00.  Once I got Milly down I took care of a few things.  As my Facebook status read:

Said good night to sick wife. Baby changed, fed and in bed. Clothes in washer. Bottles cleaned. Dishes washing. Trash out. Friday night?

After all that I just watched a few episodes of Wolverine and the X-Men and wondered: at 31, am I too old to watch X-Men cartoons on the DVR.

Zach Dotsey