Milly’s doing pretty good lately, as far as sleeping later.  She didn’t wake up after her late feeding until about 6:30 this morning.  I changed her, tucked her back in and gave her her sweetmaker.  She’d had a pretty good pee, and later on Amanda changed the crib sheets.  Amanda got up and fed her then brought her up and put her in bed for some family time.  She was very talkative and sweet and fun to play with.

Later on I had gotten a plastic bag for Amanda to put a diaper in (all the cloth diapers were being washed I believe) and, messing around, I put the bag over my head (kids, don’t try that at home) and walked into the living room.  Amanda thought it would be cute to stick a dirty diaper (granted, it was a pee diaper and it was already taped shut) up the bag.  We went back and forth from there.  I put it in her face, she threw it at me while I was in the office, I put it down the back of her shirt and pants.  I let her get the last shot, but I feel that with the conditions of the peace treaty I came out the winner.

I left work a tad early to take our chihuahua Bruce to my brother’s place, where he’s staying for the weekend.  I haven’t seen Adam in a bit so we spent a good little while catching up and chatting.  After that I went over to the Frazelles’ and picked up a couple surf boards.  I talked with Anna for a bit while waiting for Barry to come home, then we packed the boards up on the car.  I’m taking my board, Basher, and Terry, one of Barry’s boards.  The Banana is healing so it’s not going and Barry’s going to take the two Betties when he goes to Topsail on Saturday.  Until then he asked if I minded people using my board, which is fine.  It’ll pretty much just be Michael and/or Paul, who wants to learn to surf.  Barry said I could share Terry at my discretion, since Michael’s pretty much given up surfing since he’s been dating Jenn.

I arrived home to find two babies.  We told Nick and Amy Warkentien that we’d watch Eli while they went out tonight.  He was happy to see me at first.  Amanda went to the grocery store and I was playing with both him and Milly, but then they took turns crying, which eventually lead to both of them bawling.  Amanda came back to find me laughing my head off.  It was just a funny scene with Eli bawling at the top of his lungs (WEHHHH!  WEHHHH!) while Milly did her quieter cry (hooooo!  hoooo!).

Amanda spent a good portion of the day packing for the weekend.  Having a baby, of course, means packing a lot more stuff and worrying that you’re missing something or not packing enough diapers or bottles or bibs.  When Nick and Amy got here to pick up Eli she was working on making several batches of cookies to take to the beach.

Off and on throughout the night I watched the first televised college football game of the season, South Carolina at NC State.  State lost 7-3.  They had a pretty good punt return at the end but the State guy had his helmet grabbed, which the officials missed.  No telling how far he would have gone, plus they’d have gotten an additional 15 yards.  They almost got a touchdown on a 4th and 11.  The ball went right between two defenders, but the State player just couldn’t catch it.  After that they just didn’t have enough time.

Zach Dotsey