Not too much went on today.  Amanda went out for a couple hours to get a number of things done.  She got the tire for the beach stroller fixed, picked up some supplies for the beach, got some dog food and bought Yahtzee.  Nick and Amy said we could take theirs to the beach with us this weekend, but we figured there was no harm in getting our own.

Milly was good for that time period.  She slept through most of it until just a few minutes before Amanda got home.  She woke up with a blowout, and I had finished changing her maybe a minute before Amanda got back.

After we put Milly to bed (she was pretty fussy this evening!) Amanda and I played Yahtzee.  Instead of playing where you can put scores in any columns though, we played it one game at a time.  I thought Amanda was going to beat me based on the early games, but I came back in the last two and beat her pretty soundly.  I suppose that means I can claim a first place finish in Yahtzee now, but not only did we play it differently from before, but there were also only two of us, so I had a 50-50 chance of winning.

There’s an idea for a website that I’ve had for a long time, and it’s been pressing on me a lot lately so I jotted down an outline for it and am working on mockups for what all the different types of pages will look like.  I enjoy doing that sort of in depth, detailed work.  I can’t make it all work by myself, but I can come up with ideas.  We’ll see if it ever comes to fruition.  I do think it’s a really good idea though.

I was reflecting this evening on some of Milly’s slight changes lately.  For one thing, she turns her head a lot while feeding now, which makes that a little tougher.  She sometimes tries to hold the bottle herself though, which is pretty cool.  She’s always been able to hold her head up pretty well, but she’s getting better at that.  She tracks moving things with her eyes better and I think she might be starting to recognize when we call her name.

We’ve really been blessed with Milly, which I thank God for every day.  Amanda and I were talking and we both honestly do think she’s about the prettiest baby we’ve ever seen.  Barry isn’t big on babies and he even thinks she’s beautiful.  She fusses sometimes, but she’s a baby, and overall she’s pretty well-behaved.  There have been no health or development problems so far and she got onto a feeding and sleeping schedule without too much ado.  She smiles and plays and interacts with us a lot.  I mean, I really don’t think we could have gotten a better baby.

Zach Dotsey