We took Milly to go see Dr. Hill this morning for a checkup and her first series of shots since the hospital.

There was a 16-month old girl named Aubrey in the waiting room who knew no stranger.  She was intrigued by Milly, who was sleeping in her car seat, then she grinned a bunch at me and gave me a small empty pocket book, then when Amanda joined us the not only tried to share the pocket book, but she put her arms up for Amanda to pick her up.  I think her mom was worried about bothering us, but we thought it was cute.  She sat in Amanda’s lap until they were called away for their appointment.

There was also an eight-week old baby named… E-something Rose.  She had a head of hair like Milly’s, but she was much smaller than Milly.  Her parents said she was pretty small when she was born.

We were eventually called back.  Milly got checked out and is now 11 pounds, four ounces and a whopping 24.25 inches long.  Apparently that’s off the charts, percentile-wise.  We told her to enjoy that while she can, because if she even ends up exactly in the middle of our heights, she’s not holding onto her current placement.

Other exam stuff, such as her temperature, head circumference, agility and such, were taken by the nurse.  Figuring that Dr. Hill might need to examine her also, we didn’t bother putting a diaper back on her.  She was pretty happy and enjoying her naked time.  She enjoyed it so much that she ended up peeing all over the exam table.  We cleaned it up as best we could then half put a diaper on her.  Dr. Hill, when he got there, didn’t even end up needing her diaper off, so she wet the table for nothing.  But at least she enjoyed it.

Then came the shots.  We’d heard stories about how heartbreaking it is to watch your baby get their shots.  We also did a little research this morning and found scientific proof that giving your baby a pacifier dipped in sugar helps alleviate their pain.  In the time between Dr. Hill leaving the room and the other nurse coming in to give Milly her shots, we went ahead and gave her part of her bottle.  Once the nurse arrived we went ahead and gave her a sugar-dipped pacifier, the nurse gave the shots and…

Milly didn’t even start to cry until she got her third shot.  (Granted the nurse was like a cowboy drawing down at high noon, she was so fast.)  She cried briefly the she did the thing where her face turned red and she didn’t breathe for what seemed like a minute, meaning she was gathering her strength up for a big one.  The nurse told me to blow in her face (which we do for fun anyway- Milly likes it) and then she let it out.  But that was pretty much it.  We gave her some more sugar then gave her back her bottle and she was fine.

So here’s my advice if you’ve got to take your baby to the doctor for some shots.  First, give them some baby Tylenol before you go.  Second, give them a pacifier dipped in sugar right before and during the shots.  Third, give them their bottle.

Milly really did great with it.

On the way out Amanda and I sat with Milly on a bench by the entrance to the building to let her finish her bottle.  An older guy came up to us and talked to us for a bit.  I know pretty much his whole life story.  He painted cars for 45 years, has two Cadillacs (one that he painted a pearl white), owns two houses and has 24 kids.  Yes, 24 kids, including two sets of twins.  The youngest is a five year old girl.  A couple are nurses (one at Johns Hopkins).  And he lost a son last week.  Seemed like a nice old guy, but it was hard to let him know it was time for us to go.

We stopped by Dineen Animal Hospital on the way home to pick up the monthly pet meds then got some Cookout burgers and shakes for lunch.  After that I spent pretty much the whole day catching up at work.  I still have a couple calls to return.  At one point Amanda and Milly were both napping.  One was in a swing with a stuffed lion and the other was on the couch with a chihuahua.

5:00 rolled around and Amanda and I watched the video for small group tonight then picked up around the house a bit.  Chris Sikes called to say that he and Christy wouldn’t be coming for a while, at least until their schedule normalizes a bit.  She just started back to teaching, he’s taking some classes in addition to his regular work and they don’t have their babysitter any longer.  I hate that, because Chris was always a very open contributor to discussions and Christy seemed to just be getting comfortable enough to open up a bit too.  The Kays came though, as did Sarah Nowak.  Mike’s out of town right now so she didn’t bring him, but she did bring just over half of an apple pie.  I had a piece of that with some ice cream.  I think we had a pretty decent discussion.  Amanda had jotted down some notes to help guide us along.

Oh, Milly’s Social Security Card finally came in.  We were talking about it with Sarah and she still hasn’t gotten that or a birth certificate for Lauren yet.

Zach Dotsey