A huge weight off our shoulders, Amanda decided to celebrate by cooking homemade macaroni and cheese and invite the Warkentiens over for dinner.  Amy brought some sort of coffee cake for dessert that was really good.

Of course, they brought Yahtzee, the game du jour, with them.  Nick wrote on Twitter that he was going to whoop me, Amy and Amanda.  I Twittered that I had already gotten second and last out of four, so I was aiming for third.  Well, Amanda won this time, followed by Amy, followed closely by me, then Nick.  So Nick Warkentien, reigning Yahtzee champion, has been dethroned by my lovely wife.

While all this was going on the subject of drawing on each other came up, and the only person who would let me draw on them was Amy.  She decided the inside of her left arm was fair game, so after wiping the canvas clean a couple times after starting with no clear direction, I ended up drawing a tree from her wrist (the root) to about three-fourths of the way to her elbow.  It was lovely, of course, and, at Nick’s behest, included a tire swing.  I should have gotten a picture of it.

Milly was pretty fussy this evening, though I’m not sure why.  Maybe she sense that she’s got her shots coming up tomorrow.  Not looking forward to that.

Zach Dotsey