Amanda and I have had a number of discussions for a long time now about what to do when she inevitably goes back to work.  Even cutting back on a lot of stuff, I don’t make enough money to support us all.  Well, I might with my commission, since I’m salary plus commission, but that’s not something we wanted to set our plans on.  On the other hand, if Amanda were to go back to work full time, we’d have to face either me watching Milly while trying to work or hiring a babysitter/taking her to daycare.  On top of that, Amanda would only get to see Milly about two hours every weekday.  It was a heartbreaking proposition.

Well, Amanda approached her boss, Laura, about it today and asked about going back part time.  I don’t bother with all the details, but Laura talked to some people and called Amanda back in a short time and said that yes, they could swing that!

Amanda will work full Mondays then half days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  We’re really happy about this.  I mean, really, really happy about it.  Amanda will still get to have plenty of time with Milly, I’ll still be able to get plenty of work done and we should make enough money to eat and pay the mortgage.

This has really made our day and brought us so much relief.  Thanks, Laura!

Zach Dotsey