Church was good this morning.  The band’s energy was really good, for starters, and the new series is about small groups.  I kind of wish they’d had it a year ago.

After we got home Amanda made some egg and cheese bagels then, after feeding her, Milly and I took a nap on the couch.  During that time Amanda cleaned the inside of the Jetta a bit, since someone’s coming by to inspect it tomorrow, what with the lease almost being up and all.

After I woke up we all packed up and went to the beach.  I called ahead of time and Anna told us that it was really windy, which Barry said was messing up the waves.  We figured we’d go for a walk anyway, but when we got there we saw Missy, Eric and Dakota Boneske (who turns six months old tomorrow) heading in from the beach.  They said they’d only been out for about twenty minutes and it was just way too windy, so we all went upstairs to talk to Anna and Barry for a bit.  The Boneskes headed out after a bit and we talked a little longer before deciding to just go for a walk on the street.

We were all ready to go for our walk, with Milly in the beach stroller and all, when I realized that the front tire on it was completely flat.  We discovered that the part where you insert the air had come out of the tube and, try as we might, we couldn’t get it back in.  Absolutely no idea how that could have happened.  We went back inside and hung out with Anna and Barry some more before heading back home.  Anna suggested that we take it to a bike shop in town, so I think Amanda’s going to do that in the morning.

Back home we ate some reheated pizza and watched some TV and played some Scrabble.  She kicked my butt, which tends to happen when we play that.  She fed Milly and we put her to bed a little over halfway through the game.  I had a fun time with her tonight, even in losing Scrabble.  While we were watching The Soup she kept missing things because she was talking and I’d keep rewinding the show.  After a couple times of that I said to her, “Amanda!  I just can’t watch TV with you!”  I don’t know why but that set her off on a fit of giggles.  It’s things like that that remind me how much I love her.

Zach Dotsey