We thought we had to be out of the beach houses at 10:00 this morning, but it turned out that we didn’t have to check out until 1:00.  That was a good thing, because it rained extremely hard and made loading up difficult, particularly in getting the surfboards on the car.  I was able to pull partly into a garage to accomplish that, but I still got so wet that I ended up just taking off my shirt.

It was really pouring.  I later heard reports of roads flooding at Topsail.

We were going to stop by to see Mandee Foushee, well, Mandee Lancaster now, who was a friend of mine in high school who happened to be at Topsail too, but with the car packed up like it was (we had to load up Milly before we finished packing the car so it would have been hard to get her out) plus the rain, it just didn’t seem like the best thing to do.

Upon getting back to Wilmington we decided, since it wasn’t raining too bad there, to go on to Wrightsville to unload the surfboards.  After that we picked up Bruce from my brother Adam’s apartment.  He was really happy to see us.  Bruce, that is.  I’m sure Adam was too, but Bruce was really excited.

After unloading the car I went to Nick and Amy’s to get Harvey.  Bruce and Harvey were happier to see each other than I expected.  Bruce was waiting at the door and started wagging his tail and fidgeting when he saw Harvey. And it was definitely for Harvey- Bruce was looking at him and not me.  I thought it was sweet.  They played for a few minutes then went back to their usual indifference.

Amanda and I vegged the rest of the day, as we tend to do when coming home from a trip.  There was an Office marathon on that we ended up spending most of the day watching.

Zach Dotsey