Milly was fussy from 4:00 on.  This being Amanda’s last day before heading back to work, I went ahead and got up with Milly to feed her.  She’s actually holding the bottle a bit now.  She’s mostly just propping it up with her hands and tends to hold it too far up to be able to control it (not that she’s manipulating it at all herself anyway), but it’s still cool that she is starting to be able to do things like that.

At 9:00 when I woke Amanda up so I could go to work, she said she had meant to get up to take care of Milly and didn’t realize she’d fallen back asleep.

So back to work I went.  I took some time to plot out some finances for the month and had to shuffle some things around a little in order to make it all work, but we’ll get through.

Manda chatted with Cyra for a little bit and later talked to her boss, Laura.  Later she went to the grocery store and got a week’s worth of food, or that’s the plan anyway.

Amanda was in bed at 10:00 and heads back to work tomorrow.  I hope she does okay with it.  For that matter, I hpe I do okay with it.  Since it’s her first day back she’s going in for a full day, but normally she’ll only work full days on Mondays.

Zach Dotsey