I told Milly at 4:30 this morning that the upcoming day might be an adventure.

Amanda headed off to work this morning and dropped Milly off in bed with me on her way out.  My daughter did well.  She didn’t fuss much and napped a good bit.  Went did go through some diapers though.  I got a good bit of work done but did some after hours too.

Amanda did good at work today and said she only cried once.  She went right to Milly upon getting home.  She’d just been fed and was talkative.  It was before fussy time, too, so Amanda got to have a nice time with her.

Andra, Josh, Jackson and Addison Sawyer are coming to town.  They’ll stay with Adam at his place for a couple nights then come stay at our place.  Normally it’d be fine for them to stay at our place the whole time, but we’re wanting to adjust to this new schedule with Amanda working.

We ate reheated enchiladas for dinner, put Milly to bed and watched some TV.

Zach Dotsey