As far behind as I am with all my posts here, I’m just going to go back and post detailed notes for all the days I haven’t posted yet.  This might be confusing to my loyal Twitter and Facebook followers.

But let’s talk about today first.

Milly was quite the fusspot today.  Oh, it started out nice.  I fed her and she was happy.  I think it was my Axl Rose impersonation that started things going downhill.  For most of the morning, if she wasn’t sleeping she was either fidgeting or crying, and nothing I did helped.  Diaper changes, pacifiers, holding, laying down, toys, carrying, staring at the fan, nothing seemed to work.  I kept imagining a secluded desert area where I could just scream, I was so frustrated.

Despite all that I was able to get some work done today, though after Amanda got home and I finished a few things I did take an extended leave of absence.

We had small group tonight, but it was just us and the Nowaks and we went to their house.  Sara was awesome enough to make dinner for us and I think we had a pretty good discussion.  Their son, Henry, was very excited to see me.  He remembers me, but not Amanda.  Anyway, we played a game where he ran a circle of rooms in the house and I’d pop out from different places to tickle or surprise him.

Milly did good tonight.  She and Lauren, their daughter who is only a few weeks older than Mills, spent the first part of the night hanging out in bouncy seats then sleeping.  Milly camped out in their pack & play until we left at 10:00 (we talked a lot!).  She fell asleep in the car and woke up a couple times once Amanda put her down, but after I fed her she slept pretty well (or has so far anyway).

Zach Dotsey