Perhaps to make up for yesterday, Milly was really good today.  She spent a good portion of our time together this morning lying on a pillow on the couch to my right just looking around and checking things out.

I forgot to mention a couple of her more recent developments in my reflection the other day.  She’s making more noises.  One of her favorites is a motorboating “brrrr.”  She’s also started changing the pitch in some of her talking noises.  She’s also getting measurably bigger.  Ever since she started wearing her Happy Heiny diapers we’ve snapped it all the way to the third snap from the end, but in the last week I’ve mostly been going with the fourth snap from the end.  Little girl’s getting bigger!

I didn’t feel as rushed as work today, but I am pretty tired.  I’ve been staying up late to make sure I get ahead or to get some of the things done that I can’t during the day and it’s starting to take a toll.  I used to stay up late all the time, but I’m now losing an hour to an hour and a half of sleep in the morning, which apparently makes a difference.

We’ve got another gripe with the hospital.  I won’t go into all the details, but after assuring Amanda that both of the accounts we’re paying on (one for Milly, another for her surgery over a year ago) had been rolled into one, we found out yesterday that the older account had been sent to a collection agency.  Amanda spent a good deal of time on the phone trying to get things straightened up and ended up getting pretty upset by the whole mess.

The end result?  If we don’t agree to pay more then we can comfortably pay every month until it’s all paid off they won’t recall it from the collector.  We don’t have a whole lot right now (since Amanda’s been off work for three months), but if it comes down to it we’ll just pay the collector that portion (which isn’t a terrible amount anyway) in time for it not to go on Amanda’s credit report and NHRMC will lose out on a big chunk of it for sending it to a collector.

The thing that really irritates us is that Amanda’s been paying them, and she just made a payment last month and another last week.  I think she didn’t pay steadily while she was out of work, but she talked to them about it.  Then yesterday they said it was all good and would be recalled, but they called back today and said that wasn’t the case.  It seems like nobody knows what’s going on there.

Anyhoo, Milly was fun tonight.  We held her in front of the mirror in the guest room and he smiled a lot and made noises at the baby in the mirror.  Then she got a bit fussy after her bath, which is a bit odd.  She’s usually very happy at that time and after eating, but not tonight.  She did go down to sleep just fine though.

Zach Dotsey