When Milly woke me up crying at one point this morning I went to go check on her I found her with both legs sticking through the slats in her crib with her body twisted a little.  I fixed her up and put her back to sleep but she kept waking up (I was too tired to think about changing her diaper), but every time I went back in she had turned herself around 180 degrees.

Amanda and I got up and headed to PC3 this morning.  We briefly discussed sleeping in a little and going to the 11:00 service, but I didn’t like the idea of not even getting out of church until after noon.

After church Amanda and I decided to look at some cars.  The dealerships are closed on Sundays, but we had a chance to get an idea of some things we’d like to go back and ask about.  Long story short, we’re actually thinking about looking into getting two cars, possibly a Buick Rendezvous and a used Jetta.  We think we’d be able to keep the payments at about what we pay right now, plus it would answer everything we’re looking for.

First, we’d have a car with storage space, third row seats and non-cloth seats, which are easier for cleaning the inevitable spills.  Then we’d have something with better gas mileage for Amanda to drive to and from work and around town and such.

We’ll go back next week to talk to Reed, the salesman we’ve been working with so far.

Amanda and I talked about finishing up the porch, and we talked about going to the beach.  We ended up having to go back out to replace the replacement downstairs toilet handle because the one Amanda picked up yesterday, though labeled “universal”, didn’t fit.  We also got some dog food.  So of all the things I meant to do today, I did fix the toilet.

A chunk of the day after that was spent taking pictures of Milly.  Speaking of Milly, since we’ve got her on five ounce feedings now, we decided to try spacing them out a bit today too.  So far it’s working pretty well.  The big test will be to see how she sleeps tonight without being woken up and fed at 11:00.

I did get Milly to laugh a good bit again today.  I love that sound.  God, there’s nothing better.

Amanda and I watched a bit of the Emmy Awards before she went to bed.  I spent some time watching a live video chat with Duke point guard prospect Kyrie Irving.  It was pretty cool.  Despite a bunch of idiots IMing trash he answered a lot of questions and was very down to earth.  He didn’t tip his hand, but I feel pretty good about him coming to Duke, and I’m looking forward to it.

Zach Dotsey