I love my daughter.  There’s no question about that.  But man, Mondays are not something I look forward to lately.  Even if I do a little work over the weekend, Mondays tend to be busier just from things that do come in over the weekend or late Friday, then you add in all day long daddy day care, it can get stressful when Milly gets fussy, which she was for a bit today.  When Amanda got home after work I was able to knock out some things that I’d been trying to get around to doing just about all day.  Amanda heated up some tacos and served me a beer.

She’s a good wife.  Worked all day long, baby’s fussing, and she fixes me up some food and gives me a beer.

Nick and Amy have decided to lead a small group and went to the small group connection last week.  Their group met at their place for the first time tonight so we watched Eli for them.  He was fine for the first few minutes after Nick dropped him off.  We were watching TV with him while Milly napped in her swing, but then he started making some loud noises so Amanda took him to the guest room to look in the mirror.  She said he was enjoying it until he saw her in the reflection and thought, “Hey, you’re not my mom!”  From then on he was inconsolably upset.

Eventually we gave up trying to appease him and loaded some pillows up around him to let him try to fall asleep on the floor.  Somehow he rolled out of his barrier twice before eventually falling asleep.  When Amy came to pick him up she said he was partially under the bed.

I love Eli like a nephew so I feel bad about how upset he gets when we babysit him.

While all that was going on Amanda and I watched the season premieres of How I Met Your Mother and HeroesHeroes and House were both on at the same time, and I’m hoping that’s not going to be the case from here on out.  I’m catching up on Robin Hood right now.  I didn’t realize it had come back on, but it’s two episodes into the new season.

On the feeding front, things didn’t go quite as planned last night.  Milly woke up hungry at about 11:30 and I fed her two ounces of formula.  She woke up several times after that.  It was not the best night and morning.  The day went well, as far as feeding and whatnot went though.  I went ahead and put her on six ounces every four hours.  I think she got hungry a little before the feeding times once or twice, but she drank all the formula right down.  I did go ahead and give her her late night feeding too though.  We’re hoping to wean her off of that before too long.

Zach Dotsey