Milly had a good bit of fuss going on again today, off and on.  Fortunately for me, it was a half day for Amanda.  I think the fussiness is still just her adjustment to the recent change in her feeding schedule.

Atlanta got flooded last night and today.  Roads wiped away, highways under water… crazy stuff.  It lightninged and thundered here last night and we got some pretty good downpours last night and sporadically today.  I don’t know if it’s the same system or not though.  I haven’t watched much news lately.

On the way to small group at the Nowaks we stopped to get smoothies for dinner then stopped by Toys R Us to pick up some formula, which we’re almost out of.  Amanda was going to also pick up a shirt for baby Juice Kay, who we found out today is a boy!  There weren’t any in the right size that she liked though.

Small group was fun and entertaining tonight.  We discussed a video in a series called The Peasant Princess from Mars Hill Church in Seattle.  I’ll just leave it at saying that the discussion was both funny and thought provoking.

I don’t really know why, but Henry, Mike and Sarah’s little boy, loves me to death.  Mike told him that Zach was coming over, and Henry thought he was talking about their neighbor Zach.  But then Mike said it wasn’t that Zach, and Henry asked if it was Zach and Milly.  How cool is that (even though Amanda gets left out)?  I also got a couple good night kisses from him.  He’s a sweet kid.

He was funny, too.  Sarah let him watch a show before going to bed, and we could all have sworn he said, “Hell yeah, Dinosaur Train!”  Now, if you’re like me and you’re not up on your kid’s shows, you might be wondering what Dinosaur Train is, but most of us were more shocked at the other part of it.  Mike maintained that he wouldn’t have heard that from him.

Milly did great at the Nowaks’ tonight.  We put her in their pack & play, which is right outside the living room where we met.  We got loud at times, but she slept right through it all.  She was pretty tired tonight though.  When I gave her her late feeding, she couldn’t stay awake enough to drink the last ounce of it.

Zach Dotsey