A few days ago, I think it was Saturday when we were at Anna and Barry’s, I referenced the Fosters Beer slogan: “Fosters- Australian for beer.”  Amanda said she didn’t think those commercials were on anymore.  Well, sitting in my living room at 10:53 on September 23, 2009 while watching Locked Up Abroad, I saw a Fosters Beer commercial, and it ended with, “Fosters- Australian for beer.”

Milly was pretty good today.  I read Sneetches to her in a British accent.  Last time I tried a British accent on her was shortly after she was born, and she didn’t seem to like it.

Milly did get into a sudden fit around 10:30 and I couldn’t do anything to make her happy, so I gave her an ounce of formula.  I figure she’s still adjusting to her new schedule so it was okay to give her something to hold her over.  Thinking back on it now, she’d already had six ounces at 8:00 and wouldn’t normally have been due another feeding for half an hour, so maybe I should have kept trying to find some other way to placate her.  Ah well.

Amanda took Milly out to lunch at Reel Cafe with a friend of hers from high school who I think is going on a mission trip soon.  Nicole maybe?  I forget.  I met her once, at Sarah Erreca’s wedding.  Amanda brought a wrap home for me.  I was busy and ended up working until about 6:00 or so.

Milly’s very talkative lately.  She talks to the TV, to… I don’t know, the doors or the windows or just the outside world when we’ve got her in her swing in front of the door.  (She likes looking outside.)  She’s also been very licky lately.  She licks her pacified, her burp cloth, her toys… pretty much anything you put in front of her.  And she’s drooling quite a bit.  She didn’t drool much for a long time, so I thought maybe she just wasn’t much of a drooler, but she is afterall.  I thought that maybe she’s starting to get a tooth, but I’ve checked her gums and, at least so far, I haven’t felt anything.

Today was M day.  I told Milly I wanted her to learn how to spell her name, and today we focused on M.  I, and later Amanda, thought of as many M words as we could to tell her about.  (Yeah, I know she won’t remember it.)

I just saw a commercial for Honey Nut Cheerios.  First off, I remember when the bee had a different voice, though I can’t remember what it used to sound like, but the main thing I wondered watching that is this: When did the Honey Nut Cheerios bee become a super hero?  He was keeping people from stealing the honey from Honey Nut Cheerios.  Whatevs.

Zach Dotsey