Milly was fussy from about 5:00 on this morning.  I had Amanda put her in bed with me when she left for work, and she did calm down a bit after that.  I was able to put off feeding her until just a few minutes before 8:00.  After that we had a pretty nice time.  She was generally happy and talkative, except for a period of time where she wanted to be picked up and carried around.

On my trip out to get my paycheck, Amanda and I decided to stop by Bob King Volkswagen to talk to Reed, the car salesman who has been helping us.  We wanted to ask about the Rendezvous that we saw Sunday- the one that fit all our needs: small SUV, decent gas mileage for its size, leather interior for easy cleaning, removable third row seats, good price.

It was being sold at that very moment.


We were told about a Tiguan that had been used as a loaner and had very low mileage on it.  We drove it and liked it pretty well, but after lots of debate, I think we might just buy out the Jetta we’re leasing right now.  The payments on the Tiguan would be somewhere between just under to a bit over the limit we set for ourselves, whereas buying out the Jetta will be nicely less than our current payment.  Plus it’s a top of the line car for its year, and any other car we could afford right now probably won’t have all the luxuries it has.  And it does have good space- we just want more.

In between the time we first went out to ask about the Rendezvous and when we went back out to try out the Tiguan (being a loaner, it was out when we first went to the dealership), Michael and Jenn stopped by to pick up some promo posters for a show Michael booked.

We had dinner plans with the Warkentiens tonight, and Amanda called and left a message on both Nick and Amy’s phones to let them know that we’d need to push back the time for them to come over.  On our test drive, we decided to stop by their place and as we were about to turn onto their road we saw them coming our way.  Turns out they hadn’t checked their messages.  In fact, Nick checked it as we were talking to them.  We told them they could just head on over to our place if they wanted.  Initially they didn’t, but they were there when we got home.

We ate, talked and watched Thursday night TV.  After they left Amanda and I discussed the car situation a bit more.  As I said, I think we’re going to just stick with what we’ve got for now, and maybe down the road something else will happen.

Zach Dotsey