Amanda prodded me awake at about 8:30 this morning to listen to Milly, who talking to herself quite a bit.  Amanda got up a few minutes later to feed her and such and I stayed in bed another half hour.  It was a nice way to start the day before going out to mow.

It looked like rain the whole time and it did sprinkle very, very lightly, but it didn’t actually rain until later.  Because of that, I didn’t work on the porch, or that’s my excuse anyway.  Amanda and I were feeling lazy.  I mean, we could have worked on the front porch, but it would have been annoying to get sprinkled on while doing it.

Later in the day Milly was a bit fussy.  I was thinking of taking a nap, but she was a bit loud.  I ended up taking her out of the pack & play and snuggling up with her in the guest room.  I don’t know if it was because it was quiet and dark or because I was with her, but we both fell asleep for a while.

Amanda got me up for dinner then we  just hung out some more.  Really not much to the day, huh?  We watched a Children of the Corn remake.  Brand new, DVD’s coming out next month.  It wasn’t a sequel or anything, just a full-on remake.  Exciting, huh?

Interview with the Vampire came on after that, and I haven’t seen that in a while.  Amanda actually wanted me to come to bed with her (usually I stay up, which she prefers because she can spread out on the bed), so I watched that with Amanda until it was time to feed Milly.

She was tired, Milly.  She had about an ounce of formula left over when she was done.  I even tried feeding her some more after she woke up during her changing, but she just wasn’t into it.

Zach Dotsey