So, there’s this discussion going on on the Facebook page of a family member and I thought I’d brush up on a bit of governmental policy circa World War II.  I found a forum where people were discussing a a few systems of government, and after reading a few posts I thought, “This isn’t sounding quite right.”  I took a second glance at the URL then clicked around a few pages and realized I was on what I think was a Neo-Nazi website.  Yikes and yuck!

So, other than that Amanda and I did the usual every other Sunday thing- woke up, went to church, dropped Milly off at Grow Zone then helped out there ourselves.  Amanda told me afterwards that they were short on people in the two-year-old room, so she ended up helping out there.

I had a good time with my three-year-old room.  I was playing with blocks with a couple boys, then one of them decided he wanted to play hopscotch on some carpet squares.  That was fine until a few other kids wanted to jump from square to square (which is really all they were doing), but then it got crowded and they wouldn’t line up to just jump in one direction and, while nobody bumped into anyone else, it got messy.  After craft time even more kids wanted to play hopscotch, but this time I told them I had an idea to make it better.  I put all the carpet squares in a circle, and they all started hopping in in line one after another, and all in one direction.  One kid even told me that it was better than it was before.

We ran into some friends we haven’t seen in a bit and found out that they’re pregnant.  They find out the sex of the baby in a week or two I think.  Very excited for them!

We didn’t do much after getting home.  I really should have messed with the porch, but I just didn’t.  I don’t have a good excuse.  I did walk to the grocery store to take the recycling and pick up a few things though.  I called my baby sister, Andra Sawyer, on the way home to wish her a happy birthday.  She’s 24.  Wow, my baby sister is 24.

I’d tried calling earlier, even calling my parents since I knew they were visiting her in Gastonia this weekend, but they’d already left and were heading back to the Rouge.  At any rate, I did talk to Andra for a good bit.  I talked to Jackson a little bit, but he ended up mostly making loud noises to try to get Addison to make noises.  He was too busy doing that to tell me goodbye when I told him it was time for me to eat dinner.

It’s Seth Holloman’s birthday today too, so if you read this, Seth, happy birthday!

Amanda and I watched last night’s Saturday Night Live, hosted by Megan Fox.  The good: Megan Fox was a better actress than I’d have though.  The bad: pretty weak episode, overall, especially for a season premiere.

After we put Milly to bed we also watched Supernatural, though we watched it online and had some issues with the video hanging up here and there.  We’ve watched a few things on that website over the past couple weeks and this was the first time we had an issue with it.

In Duke news, Kyrie Irving, a much sought after point guard prospect for Duke, had his official visit this weekend.  All signs point to it having been a great trip, and most expect him to commit to Duke sometime in the next day or so.  All fans who follow recruiting are extremely excited.  Aside from getting a crazy-good point, it’s also thought that his commitment might help cause a domino effect and get commits from other prospects such as Harrison Barnes (who is thought to be split between Duke and Carolina right now) and Austin Rivers (who committed early to Florida but wanted to look around and loved his unofficial visit to Duke last week), as well as possibly others.

Zach Dotsey