Mondays, as I’ve said before, are kind of tough, but Milly was pretty good today.  I woke up a bit early and she woke up a bit late.  In fact, I was sitting on the couch when I heard her talking to herself in her crib upstairs.

It’s such a pleasure getting her out of the crib.  Even if she’s crying, as soon as she sees you a big smile spreads across her face and she gets so excited.  And my daughter has a beautiful smile.

Anyway, like I said, she was pretty good.  She was fussy a few times, and she pooped a few minutes after I had changed her diaper at one point, but she napped enough and was happy enough on her own that I was able to get some stuff done today, which is good because I had a lot to do.

There’s been an issue with Roadrunner email accounts reporting mail forwarded through email aliases on our server as spam, instead of looking at the email address the mail originally came from.  We ran into this issue with AOL a few years ago, and as a result we created a company policy that prohibits email aliases to AOL accounts.  Well, that now includes Roadrunner accounts because they have adopted AOL’s ridiculous policy.  We thought we’d taken care of it over the weekend, but apparently a couple aliases were still left and we get banned as spam yet again by Roadrunner.  We had a very good and loyal client get pretty upset over the whole fiasco.

A little while after Amanda got home I went out to wash the car.  We’re turning it in tomorrow and it probably didn’t matter whether the car was that clean or not, but it’s nice to do, and the poor old Jetta does look nice.  I thought that was to be the last time I’d drive that car, but I ended up going back out later to top off the air in the tires, which I’d meant to do earlier.

Amanda and I watched some TV and removed a few things from the car.  While doing that I found a knob in the compartment under the arm rest.  I’d never noticed it before and I had no idea what it does.  It’s in the same spot that the auxiliary jack is in the new Jetta, which is what made me look there.  I’ll feel like an idiot if it somehow turned out to be some sort of audio input jack, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what it is.

No official word yet from Kyrie Irving, but everybody is pretty certain it’s coming really soon.

We heard from Ben Lambeth tonight.  Jessica’s due date has come and gone, but the news wasn’t that Graelyn is here now- it’s that they’ll be inducing early Wednesday morning if she’s not here already.  Amanda said she remembered thinking the time was near when it was.  Jessica has no such feeling, so the thought is that she’ll probably go all the way to the induction.  Graelyn, such stubbornness is not the way to begin your life!

Zach Dotsey