We decided to see what would happen if we skipped Milly’s late night feeding last night.  I figured she’d wake up around midnight or, worse, around 2 or 3 in the morning.  Instead, she woke up at about 7:00.  Amanda went into the nursery and got a big smile.  She put the sweetmaker back in Milly’s mouth then our daughter rolled herself over and fell back asleep.  She didn’t wake up again until 8:30, at which time she woke me up.

She was in a bit of a strange mood today, Milly.  She wasn’t all smiles when I got her up from her crib, which I figured was because she hadn’t eaten in about 13 hours, and later on she wasn’t fussy, but she wasn’t real happy either.  Actually, she looked kind of surly.  But we did fine this half day together.  I did do one game with her that I read about online that she liked for a little bit.  It goes:

Up like a rocket (lift her up)
Down like a plane (bring her down)
Back and forth like a choo-choo train (shake her back and forth)
I can fly here, I can fly there.  I can fly anywhere (fly her around)

I meant to tell Amanda about that.

So, today was the day to pick up our new car.  As you may recall (if I mentioned it before), we didn’t bring it home the day we bought it because Volkswagen was going to replace the passenger mirror.  Well, apparently they got the driver-side mirror and it won’t be ready for us to pick up until Thursday.  Amanda and I were a bit annoyed that nobody had called to tell us that.  Amanda has an unnatural attachment to our current Jetta and had gotten herself all ready to abandon it, but now she’ll have to do that all over again.

For small group tonight it was just us and the Nowaks.  The video we watched this week, though a good one, didn’t have a whole lot that we found good discussion material, so we spent most of our time together just chatting about kids and other stuff.

Amanda spent a good bit of time posting on the Facebook discussion that stemmed from my cousin Jeff Cherryholmes making a comment about a picture posted by our mutual cousin, Francis Horner, with Joe the Plumber.  There are now over 120 comments on the picture discussing a range of topics including but not limited to tax evasion, Obama, Hitler, political leanings, euthanasia, faith, atheism and abortion.  While she worked on some responses to my aunt, Jody Horner, as to why we don’t picket abortion clinics, I checked out another video interview hosted by Kyrie Irving.  Nolan Smith, a current Duke guard, was in on the chat and even called Ky’s phone to prove it was him.

It’s chilly outside tonight.  I guess it’s getting to be about that time.

Zach Dotsey