Milly didn’t wake up at all last night!  Yes, she slept all through the night.  Or, if she didn’t, she didn’t cry enough to wake me or Amanda up.

I got up early today and headed out to Port City Community Church to run one of the mobile cameras for the morning services.  (The new Jetta seems a bit smoother somehow, and it’s pretty fun to drive.)  This is the first time I worked cameras with Nick.  It was pretty fun today.  Today was the final message in a series about humility, and the running “brand” is about a team of people called the Meek Squad, modeled, obviously, after Best Buy’s Geek Squad.  The video bump has people calling them in when there are people who need to be “meeked”.  They come in, freeze time then fix things up by doing something that will humble the person.

So today during the first song there was a guitar solo, but Theo Milojevich, the drummer, decided he’d take over with a banging drum solo.  The Meek Squad came out and froze time, and all the staff and volunteers- band members, camera operators, apparently even the host team out in the lobby, froze.  They then took Theo’s drumsticks from his upraised, bang-ready hands and replaced them with some flowers.  When they unfroze time he brought them right down on the drums.  It went over pretty well and I look forward to seeing it posted online.

Amanda, Karen and Milly went to the 9:00 service.  I finished up rehearsal just in time to get Milly checked into the volunteer line at Grow Zone.  After running the camera I was sitting back in the Green Room thinking about how every other morning I get to spend time with Milly, but I’d only gotten to see her for a minute this morning so far, and in that time she was busy feeding anyway.  Amanda went to pick her up after the service and brought her to me in the auditorium, and I was so excited just thinking about getting to see her.  It’s stupid to miss her so much after not even really being apart, but I was just so happy to see her.

Amanda and Karen were watching this past week’s episode of The Office when I got home (because Karen hadn’t seen it yet).  Milly was fussy, so I  held her a little bit then finished up the porch.  Man, it looks so much better than those pieces of rotted wood that were hanging on it before.  Of course, we now need to figure out what to do with said wood, cover up a couple spots in the house’s outside wall where siding is now missing, do some power washing and then add some paint.

It never ends.

Karen took off a little while after that and she took the old, broken mower with her to see if it can get fixed for cheap.  Amanda and I caught up on some TV after that and my brother, Adam Dotsey, stopped by for just a bit.  Milly was fussy before he came, but she did good with Adam.  Maybe him feeding her had something to do with that, maybe it didn’t, but she was pretty happy while he was here.

We think Milly’s recent spate of fussiness has to do with her formula.  We recently ran out of the sensitive stomach soy formula.  Amanda got a giant thing of soy from Sam’s today, but I can’t remember if it’s the sensitive tummy kind.  Hopefully she’ll be okay tomorrow.  It’s going to be a really long day if she’s not.

Zach Dotsey