Being Friday, today was Amanda’s full day with Milly, which means that I got to focus solely on working for most of the day.  I took a bit of a break to go get my paycheck.  I spent a good portion of the time while I was out catching up with my good friend Jason, who I don’t talk to nearly as much now that I have more work to do plus a baby.  I miss talking to him and really should make more time.  I also picked up smoothies while I was out.

Before picking up the smoothies I stopped by Fanbot Comics, which is right by the Smoothie King we go to.  Inside, the owner of the shop was going over a largish stack of comics with some people who had brought them in to sell them.  He was explaining the reasons why the comics wouldn’t get as much as they’d expect, those reasons being the poor condition of them.  One, he said, even had coupons or offers cut out from the comic, which interrupted the story.  The comics in question were very early, old X-Men comics.  I’m talking 1963, first appearance of Juggernaut, that sort of thing.  They were all in pretty poor condition, but man if I didn’t have a nerdgasm just seeing that stack of old X-Men comics.

After I got back home Amanda and Milly left to go hang out with Amy and Eli.  They were going to the beach, but Anna told Amanda that it was windy so they might have just walked the Loop.  I’m not sure.  Anna also told Amanda that the surf should pick up starting Sunday, so I am definitely heading out for that.  I think this is the longest break I’ve had from surfing in over a year, and it sucks.

I worked until a little after 6:00.  Amanda made tacos for dinner, and when we were done I walked to the store to pick up bread and milk.  I got to talking to the cashier a bit.  Instead of carrying my Lowe’s Food card I usually just give my phone number, and I’ve been asked before whose name it was under (for verification) and I’ve thought, for some reason, that it was under Amanda’s, so I’ve always said, “It’s under Amanda,” as they’re punching in my number.  The cashier told me that there was a Zachary on it too, which surprised me because nobody else had ever mentioned that.  I joked with her that I was Amanda and my parents had hated me.  She said she actually knows a guy named Mary who has a cousin named Marie.

Amanda bathed Milly after I got back and we put her to bed.  We always put her to bed together.  I don’t know why, but she’s so sweet during that time.  She’s smiley and talkative, plus it’s extremely rare that she fusses once we turn the light off and leave.

Amanda and I watched some TV, including the season premiere of South Park.  I was tired and dozed off and on through Ghost Hunters.

Zach Dotsey