Milly slept through the  night and didn’t even wake up in the early morning for a diaper change.  It’s getting consistent enough that I suppose I’ll stop mentioning it soon.  But watch, tonight will be a bad one.

We got a new used stove today.  One of Amanda’s coworkers, Trish Roberts, had been given a new stove and was going to give hers away to Habitat or some such place unless someone wanted it.  Our stove is even older than hers, so Amanda said she’d take it.  Trish’s husband, Mike, came by and dropped it off this morning (and took the time to goo goo at Milly for a minute).  It’s sitting on our front porch right now because the old one is built into the counter and we’ll have to cut it out.

I talked to my mom today.  She said she had interviewed for a new job and it was looking like she was going to get it.  Only thing is that it’s in Rochester, New York, so apparently she’ll only be in Rougemont for the weekends for the next few years.  I asked how she and Dad felt about it, and she said there was a time a few years back when she was only in town for a few weeks out of the year, and it made them closer.  She’d be excited when landing at the airport and Dad would have a drink ready for her then they’d enjoy their time together.  She said the pay is very good, and with my dad’s job’s contract renewal up in the air it’s a good move for them.  As long as they’re happy, then good for them.

Dad hadn’t mentioned to her that we were going to be up that way the weekend after next.  I told her that Dad had said she’d probably love to watch Milly while he, Amanda and I go to a Duke football game.  She sounded really excited about the prospect, which is really cool.  I sometimes forget how much less my parents get to see Mills than Amanda’s parents do.  Of course, living about an hour away is a bit different from living about three hours away.

I was about to call Amanda and ask if she wanted to pick up some Chick-Fil-A for lunch, but she pulled up in the driveway just as I was picking up the phone.  We ended up doing that and stopping by Target, as we were both low on deodorant.

When we got home we were greeted with a Papa John’s flier, which made us decide to have some Papa John’s for dinner.  We had the Warkentiens over, ate pizza then watched Flash Forward and an hour-long episode of The Office, featuring the wedding of Pam and Jim.  After they took off we watched Community.

Milly was in a weird mood this evening.  Maybe it’s not a mood, but a new attitude.  Every time we put her up close to Eli she would start to get upset.  Combine that with her getting upset about being handed off to Cyra and Mia this past week and I think she might already be developing that attitude that she doesn’t like being with anybody but her mom and dad.  I hope that’s not the case.

I had a thought about Eli this evening.  I looked at him and I could picture him as a little boy.  I mean, I know he is a little boy, but he’s still a baby.  I’m talking about seeing him developed as a toddler and a small kid.  It’s cool being around kids and watching them grow and develop.

In that same line of thinking, I was trying to picture Milly as a little girl today, wondering what she’d look like and what she’d sound like.  I got to thinking that it wouldn’t really be all that long before she’s a little big girl, then a girl girl beyond that, and before you know it she’s a teenager.  That didn’t seem so bad, but then I thought about how many years would pass and how old I’ll be.  I’ll be in my mid-40’s when Milly hits her teenage years.  Yikes!

Zach Dotsey