“So, Zach,” I hear you say.  “I notice that you’ve changed the look of your blog.  What’s up with that?”

First off, I know it is a blog, but I don’t like calling it one.  Blogs seem to generally have a theme or a purpose, like talking about sports or technology or commenting on news.  My site really doesn’t have a point other than to chronicle my day to day activities.  While it seems pointless now, centuries from now some archaeologist will find it and love it.

Yes, apparently my site and the internet will still be up and, what’s more, accessible, centuries from now.

To the point, I just thought I’d switch it up.  I had the last design up for a good long while.  This new design is simple but sleek.  There was another one I was going to use, but there was a bit of configuring that would have to take place before it would look right, and I just didn’t feel like messing with it.

Cyra commented on her titular post today!  Huzzah, it’s been forever since I’ve had a comment!  Turns out though that registration was turned off and one of the plugins the site was running messed it up further, but that’s all been rectified now.  If you want to leave a comment, feel free.  It’s much easier to do so now.

Not too much to go into today.  Milly slept all through the night and didn’t get up until 8:20, which was after my shower.  Actually she did cry briefly sometime after Amanda got out of bed, but it didn’t last long.  She’s such a ridiculously pretty baby.  That’s here nor there, but I just love looking at her, even when she’s crying her face off.  The best, of course, is when she smiles.  Sometimes she’ll give this sly grin while looking at you out of the corner of her eyes, then sometimes she’ll have this big, wide open-mouthed smile.  I just love it.

Since Amanda went back to work I’ve mostly been working out of the living room, because it gives me more options with Milly during the day.  I had a number of phone calls to make today though, so once Amanda got home I sequestered myself back in the office.  I really need to pick that room up a bit.

Angus came and sprayed the house today.  I guess he saw my Duke posters because when he came out of the office he mentioned being a Duke fan.  We’ll have to have him over for some games this season.

Speaking of Duke, there sure is a lot of recruiting buzz going on right now.  First of all, Kyrie Irving has yet to publicly declare for Duke, though pretty much everyone still feels confident about him heading there next year.  It was thought that he’d end his recruiting after his official visit to the university a couple weeks ago, but he is planning on going on his other visits.  I’m not too worried about it.

Harrison Barnes, the consensus number one player for the 2010 class, was long considered a heavy Duke lean.  Now it seems to be a battle between Duke and Carolina.  Coach K had an in-home visit with him on Monday, the last day such a visit was available.  Everyone was excited because Duke had the last in-home and was also scheduled for the last official.  However, for some reason the Barnes family invited Roy Williams of UNC to have another visit, and it ended up getting scheduled to be right after Coach K’s visit.  That had a lot of Duke fans worried, but that’s worn off some.  Every possible scenario concerning the event has been posited, but really nobody seems to know anything concrete outside of the Barnes household.

That’s pretty much it for today.  Amanda and I watched Supernatural, Heroes and House before she went to bed at a little after 9:00.  She was tired tonight.

Zach Dotsey