Milly slept all through the night last night again.  Yay!  She was in a really good mood this morning and throughout most of the day too, and she was pretty talkative.

I got mostly caught up today.  There’s a bit of design work I need to do, but I don’t think it will take too terribly long.  I want to focus on ramping up sales over the next few days.

Amanda and I watched this week’s Peasant Princess video, which was about serving your spouse by making yourself pleasing to them.  Basically.  After that we packed up Milly and headed to small group at the Nowaks’.

We sat Milly and Lauren on a couch together and Sarah took some pictures.  Surprisingly, Milly is noticeably taller than Lauren.  Well, I guess it’s not too surprising since she ranked so high in length, but still, Lauren is a few weeks older than Milly.  I’ve said it before, but she needs to enjoy this height while she’s got it.  I don’t think she does, though.

Milly got upset at being handed off to someone else again.  This time it was Mia.  She didn’t go off like she did last night with Cyra, but she was definitely upset.  Of course, it was also just about feeding time, so we can use that as an excuse.

We had a decent discussion about the video, then we got off onto other, still good and pertinent, topics.  We even finished up around 9:00 tonight.  Milly did well sleeping in a pack & play at the Nowaks’ and transitioned just fine to being carried home and put back in her own crib.  She made a short, brief fuss right after we left the nursery, but it was pretty minor.

Zach Dotsey