I had two unrelated but odd dreams last night.  In the first one there was a really large, thick banana spider in a forest, and there was an equally large tarantula in its web.  They fought, and the tarantula wound up eating the banana spider.  It was kind of horrific, seeing two spiders that large going at each other.

That somehow morphed into an episode of Robin Hood where Robin hid the Crown Jewels of England (though it was really only a few pieces of jewelry) in the woods in a little thicket where the tarantula was.  He didn’t hide them very well, so apparently he figured the tarantula would take care of whoever went after them.

In the other dream I was at my parents house in the living room and Bruce was really sick.  He was shriveled up and hairless and looked like a stillborn puppy.  We were trying to decide what to do with him to put him out of his misery, and someone suggested burying him in a box, which was awful because then he’s just starve to death.  A few minutes later he looked normal again.  He was pretty old, but he was moving around, not shriveled up and had all his hair.

As soon as we got to church this morning I turned around and went right back home.  We’d forgotten the diaper bag and along with it, Milly’s bottle of breakfast.  She did fine though.  I got back right before they let the volunteers drop their kids off at Grow Zone.  Amanda and I had always waited in line with everyone else since we don’t serve at the 9:00 service, but we were told today that that was okay, that we could still get in the volunteer line to drop Milly off a few minutes before non-volunteers.  That will buy us a few minutes of extra sleep in the future.

Grow Zone went fine, though overall it was short-staffed.  Amanda ended up helping out with the two-year-olds again.

We got back home and I checked the surf report a few times.  It never looked very good though, so we ended up with another lazy Sunday.  Milly was very ticklish, which was fun.  At one point Amanda wanted some Cinnamon Toast Crunch (because it was mentioned in Brian Few’s sermon this morning) so we walked to the store for that.

Bonnie came by with a couple pieces of a really awesome dessert she’d made.  Not quite sure what it was, other than really, really good.

Zach Dotsey