Last night I started to feel a little sick.  Stuffy nose, a bit of a headache.  Amanda was feeling a little sick too.  Really hope we don’t pass anything to Milly.

Milly woke us up for a diaper change last night, and it was a doozy.  Maybe she’d been saving it up or something, but that crib was WET.  And that was using a regular disposable diaper, too.  (We use those at night.)  I ended up changing all the sheets and everything while Milly just sat on the changing table, gurgling and happy.

Speaking of Milly, I didn’t get much work done during the day today.  I answered phone calls, responded to a few emails, but anything that involved doing anything requiring two hands for more than a minute got put off to when Amanda got home.  I ended up working until about 10:00, but I got most of the things done that I needed to get done.

We need to get some cat litter tomorrow.  The box ran out last week and the stuff in the litter box is not only low, but it’s kinda nasty as well.  I guess we’ll need to actually clean it out when next we refill it.  We need to get the pets their meds too.  We’re behind on that.  And the recycling is really full.  So much to do, so much to do.

Zach Dotsey