Milly had a several firsts today.  The first first was that she was upped to seven ounces of formula.  Lately she’s cried a little when done eating, so, figuring it meant she was still hungry, Amanda and I decided to give her a little more.  I first did it for her noontime meal, and she did great.  She also held the bottle by herself for most of the feeding.  She’s held it some before, but she did it for most of the meal.  The only time I helped her was when she got the bottle off track and needed some help getting it back in her mouth, but she was even able to do that a few times by herself.

Another first for today is some of the sounds Milly made.  She’s learned to make some high pitched noises, which is really cute when she’s making happy talk and really not when she’s upset and crying.  She’s making a few other new noises that I can’t even describe, but it’s cool that she’s developing her vocal stylings.

The final first occurred as soon as Manda got home.  I was holding Milly and I thought Amanda was going in to kiss her, but when Amanda pulled back Milly had a little pink bow in her hair.  Amanda said she didn’t think anything could make our daughter more beautiful, but the bow did.

Milly’s hair is still so soft that the bow has to be constantly put back in her hair, but it is really cute.

In other Milly development news, she’s holding herself up better each day, it seems.  She had some extended tummy time today, which I think she enjoyed mainly because she was propped up a bit on the arm of a couch and was able to see outside pretty well.  She likes looking and being outside.

It’s also easier to make Milly laugh these days.  The best ways to do it are to kiss her or “eat” her belly or neck.  She seems more ticklish on the right side of her neck.  I love to hear her shrieks of laughter.  I love hearing that more than anything.

Karen went to visit Barry for a dental appointment today and stopped by the house with a couple pizzas from Elizabeth’s Pizza.  Michael got to the house before she did and we had a short conversation about basketball and whose team would do better over the next few years.  He said Carolina, of course, and I said Duke, based on two to four recruits they’re in good shape of landing soon.

I also talked to my dad today.  He’s definitely going to the Duke-Maryland football game with me the week after next.  Amanda has decided that since Dana Holloman won’t be going, she’ll just stick around the house and watch Milly.  She’s really not a big fan of football.  However, she will go to the basketball exhibition game against Pfeiffer if I can score some tickets before the game.  I’m really looking forward to that day, a day full of Duke!

After Michael and Karen left Amanda and I started watching the video for small group, but we didn’t finish it.  It turned out that it wasn’t one that garnered a whole lot of discussion anyway, so while I think we had a nice small group night, it was mostly just random conversation and it ended a little earlier than usual.

Zach Dotsey