Happy 1/3rd birthday, Milly Dotsey!

After Amanda got off work we went out to the mall to meet her grandparents and the Frazelle girls for lunch.  Anna cut her hair short, and I think it looks pretty cute.  Hannah and Kirsten spent most of the time we were there looking at and playing with Milly.  Hannah’s friend Maddie Allen happened by and was very excited to see Mills.  She held her for quite a while.

While we were at the mall Peggy picked up a few things for Amanda at Anne Taylor Loft.  I’ve been thinking about getting a used (read: cheap) skating game for the Playstation for a while, so I picked up Tony Hawk Proving Ground, which Amanda and I played a little bit this evening.

Milly didn’t nap much at all today after her mid-morning nap, which lead to a cranky baby for a large part of the afternoon.  She’s about due for some teeth soon, so maybe part of her fussiness as of late stems from that.  At one point this evening she was pretty inconsolable until I picked her up.  I think it upset Amanda a little bit, that she quieted down when I held her.

In other news, I now know at least three people who have had the dreaded swine flu.  My brother, Adam, called today to tell me that he’d just been diagnosed with it and will be out of work for the rest of the week.  I heard from my mom that my nephew, Jackson, has or had it, and now just about everyone is sick in their house, though I don’t know if it’s with sine flu or not. And Anna is pretty sure she had it last week.

I mentioned that Amanda and I were sick a few days ago.  Amanda seems to be just fine, but my nose, particularly my left nostril, is still pretty stuffy.  My throat’s a bit sore too, but I’m thinking it’s from drainage.

Amanda cut my hair tonight.  It’s shorter than she meant for it to be, but I like it.  This is the first haircut I’ve had since well before Milly was born.

Zach Dotsey