Milly was adorable this morning.  I’ve mentioned that she can hold her bottle pretty well when she’s eating, but it’s a bit heavy for her when it’s full.  I was talking on the phone to Amanda this morning as I was feeding Milly, and to help her prop the bottle up I wadded up the burp cloth and wedged it between the bottle and her tummy.  As I was talking I poked at the burp cloth a bit to try to pack it in a little tighter when I noticed that every time I poked it, Milly laughed.  She wasn’t doing a full on laugh, but she did the noise that means she thinks something is funny, like she’s revving up to laugh.  It’s kind of a drawn-out “guuuuuh” with a wide-mouthed smile.  And then she did giggle some too.  I love it!

I got word via Facebook that tickets for Duke’s exhibition game with Pfeiffer were on sale this morning, so I bought some for me and Amanda.  We’re going to be at the football game anyway, or at least I will, and I was planning on seeing if I could buy some tickets while we were there.  Since they’re open to the public now I went ahead and got some myself.  I also ended up buying one for Seth Holloman, who wasn’t where he could do it himself at the time.  I wish I’d thought of it before- I’d have bought him one with me and Amanda.  As it is now, he’s one section over.  We’re all at half court though.  I think Amanda and I are pretty far back, but as small as Cameron Indoor Stadium is, it’s really not a big deal.

Amanda stole a cue from Billy Supplee and made teriyaki chicken with pineapples for dinner tonight.  Thanks for introducing that to us, Billy!

Michael Mercer called today to tell us that the movie Paranormal Activity has finally come to Wilmington and that he and Jenn were going to go see it tomorrow.  He asked if we wanted to come, and I would go except that I’ll be in Durham.  I called Nick to see if he wanted to go see it Saturday, but he said he’s not really into movies like that.  In the course of our conversation he mentioned that he and Amy might have a dog now.  They were dogsitting a puppy for a couple in their small group, but the couple decided that with a brand new baby, it might not be the best time for them to be trying to train a puppy and they’re going to give it away.  The Warkentiens have been considering getting a dog for, well, it seems like as long as we’ve known them, so they’re thinking about keeping this one, whose name is currently Luke.

Other than that Amanda and I watched the NBC comedy block tonight, including the return of 30 Rock.  Later on we had a discussion about priorities.  We’ll see what comes out of it.

Zach Dotsey