Realizing that Milly’s a little short on pants, Amanda, Milly and I went to the mall this morning to get some.  We went to pretty much every baby clothes store at the mall and bought a few things, but Amanda made a rule for herself to only buy things from the discount racks.  On the way home we stopped by Sam’s to pick up some more formula.

Back home we had a lunch of leftovers.  Amanda sorted baby clothes while I took a fitful nap.  I say fitful because it seemed like I was getting up every five minutes for one reason or another, though Amanda assured me that it wasn’t every five minutes.

Amanda decided in the afternoon that she wanted to take Milly out just to go out, so we went by Old Navy.  I didn’t want to go, but I did anyway and I’m glad I did.  They had some vintage college shirts- Ohio State, Florida, Georgia.  I was complaining that we were in North Carolina and that they didn’t have a Duke shirt, when, on the other side of the display, Amanda found some.  There were only two smalls left and we were going to get them both, but we decided on just one, since Amanda tends to wear my shirts anyway, and it’s not too often that we’d both want to wear the same Duke shirt, next weekend probably being the only time.  I told her she could wear it.

I really like the shirt.  It just says DUKE across the front in very plain letters with a Blue Devil logo head beneath it.  In fact the font was, I believe, the same as the Johnny Dawkins jersey Nolan Smith wore at the Countdown to Craziness last night.

Later on at home, Milly was fussy pretty much up until her bath time.  Amanda made omelets for dinner and we watched Heroes, which I think is starting to pick up, and Flash Forward, which I think has so far been consistently good.

Zach Dotsey