There was a new series started at church today, which is an in-depth look at Jesus.  Amanda and I were pretty interested in and and are going to suggest that it be our next small group study.

When we got home Amanda fixed egg and cheese bagels, which seems to have become a semi-regular post-church meal as of late.  We vegged for a bit, then Amy and Eli Warkentien came over bearing chicken pot pie late lunches.  Milly was pretty fussy so I put her in the guest room to give her an opportunity to nap.  I ended up lying down with her for a bit to help her settle down and ended up napping with her.

Amanda and I watched the ninth Peasant Princess video.  This week for small group we’re planning on watching the ninth and tenth ones to finish up the series.

We had an incident with the feeding tonight.  Milly was really upset and, well, I need to explain our bottle process for this to be understood.  After we sterilize the bottles and their parts we lay them out on a mat to dry.  The nipples are generally set on top of the caps (well, the cap part with a round opening that the nipple goes up through).  They sort of stick to the top, so when I made the bottle I didn’t think about taking the nipple off the top and putting the cap over it, so when Amanda tilted the bottle up to feed Milly, the nipple came off and about an ounce spilled all over them.  That was fun.

Zach Dotsey