Milly was very happy this morning.  She woke up talkative and it was easy to make her laugh a lot today.  She drooled a lot though.  She took a long nap or two too, which made this one of our easier Mondays thus far.  I was able to get a good bit done.

Milly’s nose has been a bit stuffy, so Amanda came home after her full day of work and put the nose plunger to it, which upset our baby something fierce.  She was annoyed for a while about it.

We went to watch How I Met Your Mother at Billy Supplee’s tonight with him and Cyra Sherburn.  Amanda and I picked up some Little Caesar’s on the way for dinner.  We also watched this past weekend’s The Soup and Saturday Night Live, both of which Amanda and I had already watched.  SNL was hosted by Gerard Butler with gyrations, err, dancing, that is, music by Shakira, and I’d say it was the best episode of a relatively weak season so far.

Zach Dotsey