I am ready to officially say that Milly has her first cold.  She’s coughing a little and sneezes some, but mainly her nose is just really snotty.  There’s no fever though, and it doesn’t seem to be bothering her too much, although I think it’s hindered her ability to to go to sleep easily.  At small group tonight and later when we put her down back at home, she fussed a few times before nodding off.  She was fine with her paci in, but that requires her to breathe almost exclusively through her stuffy nose.

Other than that, Amanda and I watched the last Peasant Princess video for small group tonight then went to small group.  As seems to be our method, we socialized then had a decent, if often tangential, discussion then went off on other discussions and tangents during our prayer requests.  I thought it was good though.  I really like the dynamic of our group.

Amanda went to bed right after we got home, but I stayed up and watched three episodes of Smallville from the DVR.  I wasn’t really paying all that much attention though.

We turned the heat on today.  The nursery has been a little cold the last couple mornings, which may have contributed to Milly’s stuffy nose.

Zach Dotsey