Amanda stubbed her right little toe on the trunk by the door this morning.  Doesn’t seem to be broken, but it’s swollen and she’s not looking forward to putting a shoe on that foot again in the morning.

Milly’s nose didn’t seem as stuffy overall today, but when Amanda got home I walked to the store to drop off the recycling, get a few things for dinner and pick up some baby-friendly saline spray.  I ended up having to walk to the drug store across College though, because there was nothing at Lowe’s that specified that it was for babies.

Milly’s certainly no fan of the nasal spray, but it has helped and she calms down pretty fast once we finish sucking everything out of her nose.  If she’d just learn to blow her nose like her mom keeps suggesting….

Lots of excitement and buzz going on in the Duke world.  Kyrie Irving has announced that he’ll announce his school of choice on ESPNU tomorrow, meaning he won’t be taking his visits to Georgia Tech or Seton Hall.  That leaves (as he has also said) Duke, Kentucky and Texas A&M.  Duke’s long been thought a leader, and everyone feels pretty confident that he’ll commit to Duke tomorrow.  News has even leaked that he has already committed to Duke, but he denied that.  Of course, it could just be because he wants to announce it himself.  A lot of people were miffed that a report already came out about it.

There’s also a rumor that he’ll be in Durham this weekend, which is also the weekend that Harrison Barnes, the top recruit of next year who most people think will choose either Duke or UNC, will be having his official visit.  Irving and Barnes are known to be good friends, so the fact that Irving is set to announce tomorrow, the day before Barnes’ visit starts, is thought to be a strategic thing.  However it shakes out though, Harrison Barnes is not expected to declare for another few weeks.

Elliot Clark gave me a call right before dinner tonight to chat for a minute, which I thought was great.  His sister had her baby, a boy, yesterday.  He and Melissa found out this week that they’re having a girl.  He talked about all the worried that news gave him, and I knew exactly what he was talking about.

Zach Dotsey