Milly seems to still be getting better.  Her nose wasn’t very stuffy and we didn’t have to use the saline nose spray at all today.  In fact, unless Amanda did it, I don’t think the nose plunger was used at all today.  Some of her cries sounded kind of hoarse though.

Today didn’t start off all that busy and I was able to generate a few sales leads, which is good.  It did get a little busier later in the afternoon though.

Amanda came home with a new toy for Milly.  On Tuesday we had gone to the Nowaks’ for small group and we put Milly in one of those things where a baby is standing up inside a ring with various toys attached to it.  She seemed to like it and Amanda found one on for less than half the retail price, so she picked that up on the way home from work.  Milly was pretty interested in it and ended up turning herself all the way around in exploring it.

I did a little running around and Amanda was pretty frazzled when I got back.  Apparently Milly wasn’t in the best mood while I was gone.  We’re attributing it to her being a little sick.  She’s still been really drooly, but there’s still no sign of teeth.

Amanda packed for our trip and after dinner I bathed Milly.  I quipped that she’d be confused since we were bathing her earlier than usual and not feeding her then putting her to bed right after, but Amanda pointed out that Milly hasn’t generally let things mess her up like that.  Like on Sundays, when we get her up, go to church and then feed her, instead of feeding her right after she gets out of bed.  She’s pretty regimented in the time of her schedule, but she’s adaptable to the order of things.  Really, we’re spoiled with her.

The reason we didn’t do things as usual tonight was that we went over to Billy Supplee’s to hang out with him and Cyra Sherburn and play Beatles Rock Band, which was really fun.  I switched between guitar and drums, and Amanda and Cyra spent most of the time singing together, which is, I believe a new feature on this version.  We also watched The Office, which was a pretty good episode where Pam discovers that Michael has taken her mother as a lover.

We left there and came home to watch Community and 30 Rock.

Oh, and it was a great night to be a Duke fan.  The first and most major thing is that Kyrie Irving declared that he’s going to Duke next year.  Duke is finally going to have the elite point guard they’ve been missing for the past few years.  Irving is rated by most recruiting services as the #2 point guard in his class and is a top five player overall.  Definitely a good pickup by my Blue Devils.  New Jersey point guards like Kyrie Irving tend to win national championships at Duke.  See: Hurley, Bobby and Williams, Jason.

Irving’s commitment also can’t hurt Duke’s chance in gaining the commitment of Harrison Barnes, the top overall player from the class of 2010.  The two are good friends and Barnes is expected to go to either Carolina or Duke.  I mean, I know Gerald Henderson and Wayne Ellington were friends and went to opposing schools, but Barnes really seems like a prototypical Duke kid and I would think he’d want to play with his “little brother”.

Oh, on top of that, the Heels lost in football to Florida State.  They’re now 0-3 in the ACC.  Even Duke has a better in conference record.  Gotta be embarrassing for a team that was Top 25 for the first few weeks of the season.

Zach Dotsey