Amanda and I woke up at 8:00.  She got Milly up and I fed her then did a few things for work before we packed up the car and headed to the Rouge.  Before that we stopped by Nick and Amy’s and took care of Gipper (who was nowhere to be found) and grabbed biscuits from Hardee’s.  While I was ordering in the drive thru there was a yellow jacket buzzing around my face going in and out of the car window.  It was a little comical.

After facing lane closures both on I-40 and Duke Street, Amanda, Milly and I eventually made it to Durham.  We stopped to deposit a couple checks and got some Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  When I went into the bank Amanda moved herself to the driver’s seat and I moved to the back to feed Milly, since she was overdue for lunch herself.  We were going to stop by Jason Revill’s place, but with Milly eating and likely needing a diaper change, plus having Bruce and Harvey with us, I figured we’d just try to stop by later.  I suggested he come over, but he was without car today.

Mom and Dad were, of course, excited to see us Milly.  We sat outside on the side porch and chatted for a bit.  Harvey and Bruce enjoyed themselves, although we eventually put them in a small makeshift pen.  Harvey jumped out.

Mom went to deliver a horse somewhere or something and the rest of us went to help their friend, Don, move a TV into his house.  He was a real nice guy, very friendly and outgoing.  Once we got back I helped Dad tighten up the fences then took a few pictures of the horses for Mom.

Back inside, Amanda and I found some boxes of old photos.  Amanda pulled out a number of my baby pictures to be scanned.  She admitted that Milly and my baby self have quite a resemblance.  She also pulled out some old photos of Mum Mum.  That would be my grandma, Mum Mum, not my mom, who has taken her mom’s grandma name.  There were a bunch of old photos from Mum Mum and Pup Pup’s that Mom got to looking through, and she told me the backstory to some of them.  She talked about vacationing on the Tauber (is that right?) River in Germany and about the walled apartments they lived in in Vietnam, behind which were thatch villages that locals lived in.

We ate after a bit.  Don and his wife Dell came over and brought some cake and ice cream.  They really seem like nice people.  Adam arrived after they left.  Andra may or may not show up tomorrow, but Erin should be here in the morning.  Mom and Amanda spent some time playing Elebits on Wii, which is when Uncle Roy got in.  I played a bit after Amanda went to bed and my mother kicked my butt at it.  Once she went to bed I played a bit of Mario Kart.

Zach Dotsey