Today was my mom’s last day at home before starting her new job in Rochester, New York.  She’s going to be making some pretty decent money up there and will be home on the weekends.

My dad invited everyone to go to church with him, but he didn’t have any takers.  I felt kind of bad about that, but Amanda and I were already planning on going this evening anyway.

Not too much to tell about this morning.  We packed up, showered and all that stuff.  Aside from Erin we were the last to take off.  We left right after feeding Milly and got home at exactly 3:10.  We ran in to the house where I changed Milly’s diaper and Amanda changed her shirt.  We were back in the car at exactly 3:20 and arrived at Port City Community Church at 3:30.  Milly wasn’t happy about these events.  She had been fussy the last few miles on I-40 and really did not appreciate being put back in the car so soon.

The church service was great and it was a lot of fun.  It was PC3’s ten year birthday and featured a look back and a look ahead.  Lots of music and videos plus a special guest sermon from Pastor Jackson, who came here from Kenya with his wife for the occasion.  At the end they had people hold up signs, sort of a before and after thing.  It was touching by itself, but a friend of ours whose story we know well was up there, and that, to me was even more moving.

It was Amanda’s week for Grow Zoning Milly, and Matt Davis went in just ahead of her, so Melissa Davis and I walked to the Grow Zone exit to wait on spouses and daughters.  Matt went on ahead so he could say something to Pastor Jackson once he got out, but Melissa stuck around a minute to see Milly.  She said she’d seen how cute she was from Facebook stalking, but this was the first time she’d gotten to see her in person.

We also ran into Blake and Stephanie Konny, Mike (Lars) and Kaitlyn Boscaljon and Kristen Barriner.  This was our first time attending and evening service, and I guess evening services are where everyone we know hangs out, but we really like going in the mornings and having a full day ahead of us.

Zach Dotsey