I didn’t sleep well last night.  I was very tired yesterday evening and I fell asleep on the couch, heading upstairs around 1:00 I think.  I think Milly woke up around 3:00, so I wrapped her back up and she was fine for about an hour.  The next time she woke up I changed her diaper and she stayed down, but a little bit after I got in bed Bruce was downstairs barking.

I let him out and realized I wasn’t feeling too hot.  My throat’s been sore since Saturday morning and my nose was a bit stuffy, so I suppose it’s more than just an allergy or whatever.  Probably didn’t help that I was rained on for four hours on Saturday, huh?  Anyway, I took some Mucinex, and before long I could feel my nose clear up real quick.  Unfortunately though, I couldn’t fall back asleep.  Or I might have fallen asleep some, but if I did it wasn’t long and it wasn’t restful.  I think I might have slept for a few minutes after Amanda got up.  My point is that I pretty much didn’t sleep after 4:00.  There wasn’t anything troubling me and Milly wasn’t making any noise or anything… I just couldn’t sleep.

My day was busyish.  Milly behaved pretty well, by and large.

Monday is one of our busier TV nights, but only Heroes was new and we haven’t seen last week’s episode yet.  We tried to watch it on On Demand, but On Demand is having issues right now.

Health-wise I feel okay right now.  My throat’s a little itchy and dry which is causing me to cough some and I’ve had a bit of a headache, but I think that might be in part because of the weather, which was rainy and coldish today.  Or it could be that I haven’t had much sleep and need some.  I probably should go to sleep.

Zach Dotsey