I slept better last night than I did the night before.  I woke up around 5:30 and was awake for most of the time until I finally got out of bed a little before 8:00.

Okay, I’m ready to finally admit that I have a cold.  I was coughing a bit more today.  I still feel fine other than that and my throat though.  I didn’t even have a headache today.  My admission finally came when I asked Amanda to pick up some DayQuil.  Since she was going to Sam’s for baby formula anyway, she picked up a Sam’s pack of DayQuil, which also included some NyQuil.  I just took some of that, so maybe that will help me sleep a bit more steadily tonight.

We moved Milly’s Friday appointment to tomorrow.  She’ll be getting some shots, so that should be fun.

On an actual fun Milly note, I’ve said before that she laughs more often, but it’s always taken us tickling her, but as of today she will sometimes laugh without us even touching her, which was so cool and funny.  The first time was this morning where I was simply laughing at her and then she started laughing back at me.  It happened again when Amanda was holding her in front of Harvey and then again when I was about to change her diaper while Amanda was making dinner.  It’s my favorite thing.

Normally we have small group on Tuesday nights, but this week we’re having a party/get-together Thursday night, so we just sat around the house.  It was good, I suppose, because I ended up working most of the evening and into the night.  There are a few things I’m trying to finish up before the end of the week/month, and I think I should be able to.  I got got two and, oh, I’d say about four-fifths out of three things finished.

Zach Dotsey