I slept much better last night, thank you.  Actually, I fell asleep on the couch, woke up to turn the TV off and decided to stay downstairs on the couch because I was coughing a good bit.  But I did sleep well.  I heard Amanda’s alarm go off at 6:30 and went upstairs to finish up my sleep.

Milly had a doctor’s appointment today, as I mentioned yesterday.  She grew three-quarters of an inch and three pounds in the last two months.  She also rolled over from her stomach to her back while we were waiting on the doctor, so she’s now shown that she can roll both ways!

She had two shots today too.  Milly screamed for, I don’t know, under a minute, but she did really well.  We had a sugar-dipped pacifier ready for her.  She was really upset later in the evening, which we’re thinking is because of the shots.  We put her down in the pack & play for a bit then Amanda took her to the guest room, where we switched off lying down with her for a little bit until she finally fell asleep with Amanda.

Zach Dotsey