I went to sleep early last night, about 10:30, and I decided to sleep on the couch again last night.  I was coughing a bunch right as Amanda was heading upstairs and I didn’t want to keep her up with it.  I was really tired.

Pretty busy day today.  I was figuring out some ways to fix a problem with a site we’re redesigning but I kept getting phone calls about this or that.  Not that that’s a bad thing- some were sales related and the things I was taking care of, they’re a big part of my job, but I wasn’t able to finish the main thing I was trying to finish today.  Hopefully I can tomorrow.

There were plans to meet some of Amanda’s family at the mall for lunch today, and since Amanda knew Anna was going to be in this vicinity taking Kirsten to school, she asked if she’d mind picking me and Milly up for the trip to the mall, so that Amanda wouldn’t have to drive all the way out here then back.  Anna picked us up, but she didn’t have Kirsten with her.  It was a very nice thing to do, because it’s not like our house is anywhere near her route to the mall.

I did a good job getting Milly ready.  The bottle was made, diaper changed, diaper bag packed and the baby clothed.  The only thing I forgot that Anna reminded me of was a change of clothes.

I had a good time talking to Anna on the way to the mall.  She and Barry are such good people.  She told me about how Barry surprised her last night with a trip to Durham to see her favorite star, Roger Daltry.  Even when they got to the Durham Performing Arts Center, he didn’t let her see any posters or signs or anything, and she didn’t know who they were coming to see until Roger Daltry himself walked out on the stage.  Many brownie points to Barry.

At the mall we met up with Amanda, her grandparents, Michael and Jenn and Hannah and Kirsten.  We ate, talked, hung out for a while then left.  I had a couple phone calls to return and work to do.

The afternoon was spent returning calls, answering questions, following up with people, taking care of a few minor issues and working, when I could, on finishing up that site I was talking about.  Amanda made cookies for small group.

Peggy and Earl Lemons stopped by briefly on their way out of town.  Earl took a look at our new oven, which is still on our porch, and approved.  He also came up with some ideas for covering up the missing siding where our old porch rails went.

We decided to let Milly try food for the first time.  Amanda had bought some apple sauce for her, so we put her in the high chair for the first time, got her a tiny spoon and Amanda scooped some apple sauce into her tiny mouth.  She made some really funny faces and I’m not sure if she swallowed any of it.  We’ll try it again tomorrow.

We meant to leave sooner, but we ended up leaving the house at about a quarter of six to head to the Nowaks’.  Though we were a few minutes late we were the first ones there.  It was the first time in a couple months that our whole and entire small group was together, which was really nice.  It was a dinner and social night.

When we got there, Lauren, who is exactly two weeks older than Milly, was on a mat on the floor.  I put Milly down next to her and imagines them playing as they grew older.  Henry came and watched over them a little.  He was very sweet, and I told Mike that if Henry stays like that, I might let him date Milly when he’s older.

We had dinner, caught up, talked and whatnot.  We all decided to watch The Office then everyone headed out after that.  Milly was asleep in the Nowak pack & play just outside of the living room.  She never once woke up, even when we were all standing right next to it in the kitchen talking at full volume.

Zach Dotsey