Amanda and Milly spent most of the day away from the house.  Amanda went to Old Navy because the first people in the door were to get 50% off, but she said there was a huge line when she pulled up there so she just passed on by.  After that the girls did a little shopping then went to hang out with the Frazelles for a bit.

Amanda put some tiny baby-sized jeans on Milly before they left.  It was so cute!

That did allow me to get some work done today, which is good because just like yesterday it seems like I spent all my time either on the phone or taking care of it little things, which, again, is fine, but it kept me from finishing a few other things I wanted to get done today.

We’d gotten an invitation to a costume party next door, but Michael and Jenn were coming by this evening to have dinner with us and afterwards we played Phase 10.  Amanda won by a pretty big margin.  Michael and I were tied before the last round, but I ended up with just one card when Amanda went out while he had three, so I won.  We decided to play an extra round and while we both completed our Phase 10’s that round, I went out and won.  It turns out that he or Jenn could have won if they’d paid better attention to what they were doing, but I only had one card in my hand so I still would have had fewer points than him.

Poor Jenn lost by a pretty hefty margin.

I had some interesting texts tonight during which I learned that “onion” is drug slang for crack.  I played dumb with whoever was texting me (they’d obviously texted the wrong number) and we had a pretty good laugh about it.

I slept on the couch again last night, but I think I’ll return to bed tonight.  I’m really, really tired of this cough right now.

Zach Dotsey