Amanda went to Old Navy again this morning, this time to actually take advantage of a discount.  Milly and I just hung out.  She was a bit fussy throughout a good portion of the day and she never really took much of a nap.  Shortly after Amanda got home her parents arrived and we all headed downtown to meet Michael and Jenn for brunch.  The place they wanted to eat had a forty minute wait, however, and Michael had to be at work around that time so we went to Front Street Brewery instead and had lunch.  And thus came about Milly’s first trip to Front Street Brewery, as well as the first time she sat in a high chair at a restaurant.

After lunch Amanda, her parents, Milly and I (Michael and Jenn had already left)walked over to Killwin’s for some ice cream.  We walked to the riverfront for a minute or two then took off back home to do not much of anything for a bit.  When they left they took their pressure washer with them.  We’ve had it for quite a while and I never got around to using it.  My own fault.

We tried jumping my car again.  I had returned the jumper cables I previously bought and got some heavier duty ones, but these were apparently not enough either.  Bonnie came over from across the street to see if she could help, but ultimately said we could use her jumper cables, which are really heavy duty, tomorrow.

After that we dressed Milly up in her kitty cat Halloween costume, which was obviously very cute.  Unfortunately though, it’s a very thick costume and it was about 80 degrees outside, so we took off the top part of it before we left to drop her off at Anna and Barry’s.  We did put it back on once we got there though, before we went and knocked on the door.

We hung out at the Frazelles’ for a bit.  They all seemed really excited to be watching Milly tonight.  Kirsten had plans to go out (although she apparently stayed in to watch after Milly), Hannah was having some friends over and Anna and Barry were planning on just hanging out.

When we left there we stopped by Starbucks to get some food and drink then Amanda had a costume idea.  We weren’t really planning on going out as anything, but based on what we were wearing I said that she could be stripes (because she was wearing a shirt with a bunch of stripes) and I could be a tape (because I was wearing a shirt with a picture of a cassette tape).  She said something about The White Stripes then came up with the idea of getting some black t-shirts and putting a white piece of tape across them and going as The White Stripes.  I thought that was a very clever idea.

We showed up at the Konny’s right at 8:00 and learned how to play Mafia.  I won’t go into explaining it too much, but we had a really fun time with it.  One to two people in the group are picked to play the Mafia and have to discretely take other people out, then everyone else has to guess who’s in the Mafia.  In the first game I was the first victim, which Blake, my murderer, apologized for later.  A couple games later, Amanda accused me of being Mafia, even though I wasn’t.  Her reasoning was that I was doing a lot more accusing that game, which is true, but it was the first game where I had feelings about who was in the Mafia.  I was right, too.

We left there a little after 11:00 to go pick up Milly.  Hannah and her friends were watching the end of The Blair Witch Project, which I hadn’t seen in a while, so I watched that.  Anna and Barry told us that Milly had been great, which is good.  Anna talked to me about getting Hannah and Kirsten to start coming over on Mondays to watch Milly while I work, which would be awesome.  I mean, I really love having all that time with Milly, but it would hopefully keep me from needing to work all hours into the night to get things done as often.

Milly was in a great mood on the way home.  Usually she falls asleep pretty fast in the cars eat, but she babbled happily on from Wrightsville all the way back to the house.  She seemed wide awake when we put her down, but she went right to bed again without any fuss.

Duke beat Virginia 28-17 in football today, the first time in 20 years that Duke has had three consecutive ACC wins.  Pretty awesome.

Overall today was a pretty good day for us, but it wasn’t as good for the Sawyers, my baby sister’s family.  Andra had posted on Facebook that Josh had been headbutted while played in a rec league soccer game today and from what was posted I thought he just had a concussion.  My mom called later though and told me that Josh’s face had been broken.  I talked to Andra later on and I can’t remember exactly what happened, but basically a guy ran into Josh then walked off laughing about it.  Basically, it seems to have been on purpose.  In a REC LEAGUE GAME, which ultimately doesn’t mean anything, this guy had some issue so he headbutted my brother-in-law and broke bones in his face.  Andra said that Josh basically doesn’t have a left cheekbone right now.  He’ll be undergoing surgery in the morning.  Everything should be fine, except things are already tough for them, they’ll have a pretty big deductible to pay plus Josh, who is self-employed, will be out of work for a while.  Keep them in your prayers.

Zach Dotsey