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update on josh: while he may look really bad he’s in good humor and basically himself as far as attitude goes 🙂 the break was worse than they thought it would be, broken in2 places where is attaches to the skull and the cheek bone was crushed so they had to reconstruct it. he has a total of 3 small titanium plates and he should heal good as new with only a tiny scar at his eyebrow. thanks again for the prayers!

Right now I’m watching the Final Four game from 1991 between Duke and UNLV.  It was on ESPN Classic yesterday so I set the DVR to record it.  It’s a great story.  UNLV had defeated Duke in the championship the previous year with a record championship game margin of victory.  UNLV was undefeated in 1991 and were thought to be unstoppable.  Of course, Duke avenged the previous year’s loss then went on to beat a Roy Williams coached Kansas team in the final game for their first ever NCAA championship.

Nick picked me up this morning and drove me to church where I ran the mobile floor camera for the morning services.  Amanda came to the 11:00 service and sat with Michael and Jenn, who also came today.  Seth was there too.

Milly was a little fussy throughout a good portion of the day, which I attribute to daylight savings time, since we’re doing everything an hour later today according to her internal clock.  (One good reason to get rid of DST- it confuses babies.)  Amanda said Milly woke up at about 7:30 (which was 8:30 to her), but Amanda got her to go back to sleep for another 20 minutes or so before getting her up and feeding her.

After we got back from church Milly and I took a decent nap while Amanda decided to clean up and rearrange the living room.  I woke up in time to help make some decisions and move some things around.  We’ve got a lot more space in the living room now, and we freed up some space in the dining room as well.  After we finished that we watched a bit of TV.

I was really irritated that my cough showed no signs of going away, but it’s lessened in intensity and frequency by this evening.  I’d considered going to a doctor about it, but if it continues to get better tomorrow I’ll just let it go.

Zach Dotsey