Milly was very happy and talkative this morning when she first got up.  We had some fun times here and there, but for the most part it went downhill from there.  I had some things I was trying to get done that I really needed to concentrate on, but she got upset if she was in one place for more than like five minutes.  After much frustration, and I really was getting frustrated today, I finally got her to go to sleep in the guest room around 3:30, but then I had to wake her up at 4:00 to feed her.  I should have called in some help today, but by the time I surrendered to that being a good idea it was so late in the day that I figured it wouldn’t have helped all that much anyway.

In her defense, Amanda and I both think we can feel a tooth starting to finally come in.  And of course she was very happy as we were putting her to bed.

I worked throughout most of the night while half-watching TV with Amanda, and I think I’ve finally finished the main things I have been wanting to finish for a few days now.

I mentioned that I like the new living room setup, but we removed the coffee table and I miss that, both for being able to put the computer on it so it’s not right in my lap all the time and for being able to stretch out my legs.

I didn’t cough much all day, but starting around 8:00 it kicked back in.  They haven’t been particularly strong, but they have been pretty constant.  There’s just this scratchy feeling at the back of my throat that’s seems to keep triggering it.

On the plus side of today, there are rumors that Carolina lost a scrimmage to Vanderbilt yesterday by double digits (13 is the number I’m hearing).  It doesn’t really matter, of course, because it was a scrimmage and a) doesn’t count for the records and b) was surely used in part for experimenting, but there’s nothing positive they can take from it.  It certainly shows that they’re not likely worthy of their preseason #4 ranking.  I’m sure they’ll be fine, but word (from Carolina folks) is that the vaunted front court wasn’t living up to their billing and the point guard play, which has been a major strength for the Heels for some time, was lacking.  Vandy, for what it’s worth, is a seasoned team.  I’m sure Carolina will work out the kinks early in the season and they’ll do fine, irritating me to no end this season, but this news did bring a smile to my face today.

Zach Dotsey