Okay, okay, so Milly’s tooth isn’t all the way in yet, but you can see how close it is.  I mean, you can feel that thing pretty well.

I slept downstairs last night so as to not bother Amanda with my cough.  It was gone again most of today, but started coming back again tonight.  It’s not as bad as it was last night though.

Amanda picked up a Sonic burger for me on her way home from lunch today.  Milly was bipolar today.  She’d be screaming one minute then laughing the next.

I did get the things I’ve been wanting to get done completely done today, which was a good feeling.  On top of that I think I’ve got another design job that should be green lighted Friday or so.  Tomorrow I’m planning on focusing on a couple of sales things.

I was checking the mail before heading to the grocery store this evening when I heard someone call my name.  It was Shannon, who lives across the street and over one house (to the right- Bonnie and Dave live in the one to the left).  There was a chocolate lab in her yard and she was wondering if I knew who it belonged to.  It ended up belonging to a guy who we think was doing some work for someone a few houses down.  It’s been a while, for no real reason, since Amanda and I had talked to Shannon so I invited her over to meet Milly.

On the way to the grocery store I noticed I was behind Angus Trott, who happens to not only be our exterminator, but was also a friend of Amanda’s in school.  We happened to both be going to the store, so we talked a few minutes while we were there.

We had small group tonight.  We’d decided to follow the study topic at church called Generic Jesus, which is an in depth look at Jesus and who he is.  We got off topic, as we tend to do, but I think a lot of the discussion was really good.

Duke played an exhibition game against Findlay tonight.  The final score was 84-48.  From what I’ve read my Blue Devils are still a bit raw and have some work to do.  They were hampered a little because Nolan Smith was held out of the first half.  Turns out he played in a few games over the summer that were not sanctioned by the NCAA without realizing it.  Duke reported it and Nolan will have to sit out the first two official games of the season, so they used the first half as practice.

Findlay, by the way, was the undefeated Division II national champ last year and are pre-season #4 (for all a #4 pre-season ranking of a defending national champ means, right?), so for a D2 exhibition game, I don’t think you could ask for much more competition.

Zach Dotsey